Friday, August 06, 2010

100801-Chaka Visits Waterfall

100801-Chaka Visits Waterfall, originally uploaded by comatosed.

Our stroller + car seat arrived!!! Not only that, it arrived about 3 weeks earlier than was promised! Of course I have a lengthy review all planned out for the stroller product shot so I'll save all the commentary on the stroller for later.

So 6 weeks after Chaka was born we are finally mobile. We decided to check out the local waterfall early Sunday evening. It was cool to think that we were taking Chaka the furthest she's ever been in her life from her birth place with every passing meter.

I didn't want Chaka to feel left out of the fun and games once we got to the waterfall so I put her over on the stone in her car seat next to the kids playing in the water. Of course, I threw rocks at any child who got even remotely close to our baby for fear of them knocking her off the stone and into the water.

The processing on this photo is not my usual style. I tried to create a more vintage looking pic for a change. Rather than use a pre-set I made all the adjustments myself in LightRoom and a little dodging and burning in photoshop.

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