Friday, August 06, 2010

100731-A Baby Break

100731-A Baby Break, originally uploaded by comatosed.

If you're the slightest bit interested in motorbikes than stop reading this and watch On Any Sunday (1971)... now! As one friend put it, it's the Dogtown / Z-Boys style documentary of the motorcycle world. If you've never seen Dogtown / Z-Boys either then get extra pop corn because that's two movies you gotta take in tonight.

So Chaka and I watched On Any Sunday at 5am in the morning which is when she decided it would be a good time for breakfast. She fell asleep after the first 20 minutes but I was wide eyed right to the very end. That's when I decided it was time for a much needed spin on blender and took to the mountains. I'd forewarned my wife about a bike excursion during my summer vacation and while she was worried, as always, about my safety she was very understanding.

I'm not kidding when I tell you a few tears rolled down my cheek when I was standing on my pegs making my way to the mountains in the brisk morning air. This is what my life in Korea used to revolve around so it brought back a lot of nostalgia and a sense of adventure I never realized I was missing so much.

I spent from 7-11 exploring the neighbouring district and mountains. I found some great tracks, puddles and scenery along the way. The temple in the top left is only a 10 minute ride away yet I'd never seen it before. The grave site tucked far away into the mountains had the coolest little dog just chilling there on the grave stone as though grading his deceased owners. The best find of the day was this stream I fount following some fairly rugged paths one might consider impassable. Finally I returned to Okpo, had a beer over a newspaper on the patio and got back home to Chaka and my wife a half hour early!

(All shots taken on iPhone as riding time is so rare I couldn't be bothered with caring for my 5D)
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Hi, Different presentation of blog and I hope that you have enjoyed all over the time you spend there.

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