Friday, August 06, 2010

100722-She out-grew her lightbox


The single hardest thing about doing your own new born portraits is consciously deciding to potentially wake your sleeping baby. Every instinct is telling you "DON'T DO IT!!! - YOU'LL HAVE TO GET HER TO SLEEP AGAIN!". Anyone who follows my stream knows I'll go to great lengths to make a photo happen; I've hung off of bridges, photographed myself nude in public showers, lathered my naked body with corn syrup and stuck blossoms to myself but waking Chaka and the end of tiring day was something I kept putting off -- until tonight.

Baby photography was harder than I expected. Getting the right props, angle, DOF etc proved challenging. In the end I got one picture I'm pretty happy with but I included it as a OutTake as I found the set-up shot much more interesting. Chaka was awesome! She didn't wake once nor did she soil my light-box and backdrop!

--- Strobist ---
1 SB-28 @ 1/4 at about 10 o'clock shooting through the side of a DIY light-box

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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