Friday, August 06, 2010

100718-Park Family Portrait.jpg

After all the activity on Friday and Saturday Chaka was a sleepy sack of potatoes on Sunday. It was a blistering 30 degrees with the usual high humidity the envelops Korea. We took to the park, a small stretch of grass up high on a hill where DSME also likes to store all their old rusting metal structures and hung out for a few hours. Our time was spent eating bread, water melon and breast milk, in Chaka's case, and warding off various insects. One flying critter as big as my thumb landed on Hyun Mi's face while she was carrying Chaka. Suddenly I herd screaming, turned and saw dancing. Hyun Mi so wanted to swat the fiend away but was immobilized by Chaka she had to resort to jumping up and down. I rushed in to save the day and found myself hesitant to touch the creature, worried I might loose yet another digit. I manned up and swatted it from her hair and all was good... until the ants and mosquitos attacked a little while later.

I like how this photo exemplifies the reality of having a new born... they're uncontrollable so you mine as well accept it and enjoy yourself in the meantime.

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