Monday, September 14, 2009

065|365 Ya, just like that ~ Projector Fun

Theme: Projector Fun

Ummm, where do I start... this one is a little hard to explain. I was just so happy to have a projector at home! I wanted to use it in my 365. I wasn't too happy with my first idea, so I started trying on tattoos in flicker, next I wondered what I might look like with breasts. One thing lead to another and I ended up with a tattoo across my torso and a young woman pinching my nipples...

I wanna say a big thanks to Divisible Eye for allowing me to use her photo. Trust me, it must have been weird to be on the receiving end of that email.

PS. No Photo Shop magic here, just a few curves and removal of my big red belly line, you know the red crease between the two rolls of fat :P

--- Projectorist ---
1 Hp Projector. Doesn't make for the best lighting but it opens up a whole world of wonderful possibilities :)

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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