Monday, September 14, 2009

069|365 Victim ~ Professor Edge

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Okay, social commentary time... maybe I pushed it too far on this one, and if I've offended anyone I'm sorry. Have I gone beyond artistic and scary into the realm of inappropriate? It's strange, we see a lot worse on CSI and in the movies but here it feels like any judgment falls squarely on my shoulders. And while I've never done anything like this in my photography before (most of you know I'm just a goof ball), those looking at my stream for the first time wouldn't know that.

Stranger yet, I find myself needing to justify this picture even though I've only had feed back from a few people on it... no one expressing outright disgust.

I suppose this is part of what 365 is about, finding out where your inner boundaries lie. I could stick with this theme and take it further, much further... I planned on it... but do I want to? Will I alienate both flickr and real world friends? Should I care? Did Stephen King care? Am I over thinking this? I think I am...

This Photo just gave me inspiration to delete all that crap. "I own this shit."

--- Strobist ---
1 Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/2 at about 2 o'clock, up high with a 1cm DIY grid-spot.

--- Blood ----
My first try. Corn syrup, water color paint, red and blue, (no food coloring in my town) flour and water. Got some in my mouth, sweet tasting but likely toxic.

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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