Tuesday, September 15, 2009

074|365 Repentance ~ Professor Edge

Theme: Dark

Background story here

Thanks to kodiax2 for Texture9564.

A bit of a funny story behind this shot. The first church I visited, Korean church goers kept coming over to me to ask where I was from, what I was doing and if I had time for coffee or dinner. This made it very hard for me, impossible in fact, to stand around wielding a huge cleaver. Everyone thought I was an extremely devout christian and just taking photos of their beautiful church :) So I ended up going to the church in this photo and by then the sun was long gone but, I like the darker image anyway.

--- Strobist ---
1 Vivitar 285 HV @ full power at about 1 o'clock up high and bare.

--- Critiques Welcome ---
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