Sunday, September 27, 2009

090|365 At the Drop of a Needle ~ Random

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I've been coming across a lot of water drop pictures recently. Ronnie Rabena's gave me the push I needed to give it my first shot. The reflections you see hear are all real, the only thing I did in Photoshop was merge the 5 individual images together. The pink gradient backdrop is actually my skin from one of the images up close and out of focus. Oh, and I used a syringe because timing drops, with the proper focus, for a self portrait... it would have taken all night :)

--- Strobist ---
1 Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/16 at about 11 o'clock with DIY grid spot aimed at my face, not at the drop. Used all 200mm of zoom on my Sigma + 3 filters to get the image as large as possible. I wish I had a proper macro lens!

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